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 Where Science & Spirit Meet

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Jennie Brown Hakim

"Angel" Lisa Hasham

"Save the Day" Doug Close 

"Super Soul" Tania Tengan

"Diamond Heart" Salila Sukumaran

Salila has lived and worked in California for the past decade as a consultant to entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. She helps clients devise business solutions and strategies for better customer engagement, streamline management policies and achieve greater visibility through social media. She currently manages events at Eastwest Bookshop Mountain View,CA, an iconic spiritual bookstore in the SF Bay Area. In her free time, she pursues her passion for service through annual transformative Ayurveda journeys to Kerala, India.

"Ray of Light" Andrea Gold

Andrea H. Gold is President and Co-founder of Gold Stars Speakers Bureau, in business more than 28 years.  She is co-author of "The Business of Successful Speaking" and "Authors Who Speak Sell More Books"

Jennie, Lisa, Doug, Tania, Salila, and Andrea are essential members of the "I Can Heal" team, and my friends, without whom I could not effectively run our community programs and so much more!  I adore you all! I love you all! You are the wind beneath my wings! I cannot thank you enough for your love, kindness, and generosity! May the light and goodness of your hearts inspire others to join us!

Thank you for making so many dreams come true, including my own, through the many lives you've touched!



Heartfelt thanks also goes out to Jennie, Lisa, Doug, Tania, Salila, & Andrea.


Thank You!