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Challenge to Treasure

Dr. Wendy Treynor has now adapted her talks for the workplace
to boost employee morale in these hard times.

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23 min talk

Photos from May 27, 2011 presentation.

Copyright (c) 2011 by Betsy Treynor.

Would you like to have Dr. Wendy Treynor as your speaker? 

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Her research has afforded her the opportunity to speak internationally, and she has received recognition for her public performance and communication skills. 

Please feel free to call 310-YES-LOVE/310-937-5683 to learn more or set up an appointment.  Or if you prefer, you can write her a message in the snow white box below.

Dr. Wendy looks forward to meeting you, working with you, and exceeding your every expectation.  Let us together make your event a smashing one!   

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Wendy's I CAN HEAL™ presentation descriptions:

Seminars, Lectures, Keynotes, Workshops

Although the focus of each presentation is different, the objective for all four is the same: To help employees discover their joy by alleviating their emotional pain. 

A Treasure Map to Happiness:
Your Challenge is Your Treasure

  • following this presentation, employees should be able to:

... view their challenge as their treasure: cultivate a sense of joy, peace, freedom, and meaning in their lives even if everything they thought would be is not

Don't Believe Everything You Think: Ten Illusions that Prevent Us from Finding True Happiness

  • following this presentation, employees should be able to:

... alleviate negative emotion: The trick is not necessarily to rid ourselves of the circumstances that created it, but to rid our body and mind of the negative emotion, itself. From this talk, employees will learn 3 ways to rid themselves of negative emotion.

Why People Can Be Happy Making You Unhappy & How You Can Be Happy

  • following this presentation, employees should be able to:

... heal wounds from their past, find forgiveness, and learn why people can be happy making them unhappy--an insight which illuminates the relationship between identity, emotion, self-esteem, depression, culture, and conflict, providing employees with healing self-insight.

Everyday Sacred: Society, Spirituality, & The Self

  • following this presentation, employees should be able to:

... create joy in their lives and experience themselves as unconditionally loveable beings.  The socialization process, and its conditional love, has led to their forgetting. This presentation will teach them to remember the treasures that they truly are.

Contact Information

If you are interested in having  Dr. Wendy  speak at your event, you can either call (country code 1) 310-YES-LOVE or enter your contact information below. 

Be sure to mention (a) the nature, mission, or purpose of the event for which you seek to hire Wendy as your speaker, (b) the size, demographics, or unique characteristics of your audience (age, gender, background, their relation to the event or organization), (c) the date or dates you need or think you need a speaker, (d) whether you have decided on the location of the event, and if so, where it will be, and (e) any special needs you may have.

Please note that, as your speaker, Wendy welcomes your "attire input" so that her appearance suits the tastes of your audience and the tenor of your event: If you have no preference, please state "no preference."  Otherwise, please specify whether you would like Wendy to appear in: (1) a dress, (2) a suit, or (3) casual attire.

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