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Doorway to Happiness

Loving the Self as a Doorway to Happiness

                                         by Wendy Treynor, Ph.D.

Some of us are walking around in emotional pain, heavy, burdened, and don’t know why.  Many of us are afraid to look at ourselves, because we think we ARE our pain. Little do we know it’s just pain that we are carrying around, which is weighing us down—pain that can be released!

I liken the pain of our past to a piece of string traveling behind us like a tail. Our tail is our history. Those of us with tails carry the past with us—or rather, the emotional pain of the past with us— in the present moment, and as a consequence, we feel irritated, heavy, burdened. This pain is of our past and interferes with our ability to experience the joy of the present.

In fact, the pain of the past interfering with the present is not just like tail of string trailing along behind us, but even more so like a ball of string tightly wound up inside us! 

The good news is that: (1) our ball of string can be released, so that we may feel the joy that is ours again and (2) we are not our ball of string (although we may mistakenly think we are)! Once upon a time, I thought I was the pain I saw inside myself, failing to realize that what I saw were simply tangled thoughts and emotions—negative thoughts and emotions (THE PAST) entangling a little lamb (my true self) trapped within it (THE PAST WAS TRAPPING THE PRESENT)! The same is true of you!

Those of us without balls of string --those of us who aren’t carrying around our histories--are happier, lighter, and living fully in the present moment. What’s our secret? Why are we joyful? It’s because we engage in practices that release the ball of string (the tangled thoughts and emotions from our past) so that we may feel the joy that is ours again.

Once we release the pain of the past, we can feel the joy that is ours again.  How is this done? Having myself been someone who had lived for a long time with a great, big ball of string —pain from my past I have since released—I can speak from experience and say that I’ve found that Awareness releases the emotional pain, Love releases the emotional pain, and Body & Breathwork (which facilitate both Love and Awareness!) release the emotional pain.

For me, my body and breathwork practices consist of my daily routine of walking, yoga, and meditation. If you think you don’t have time for such practices, realize that your happiness is at stake. I urge you, beg you, to get creative and find a way to make time for yourself. You’re worth it! Your happiness is your gift to this world! Your happiness is our happiness!

Many of us have pain in the present from past events in our history—events that happened long ago. Many of us are still reliving pain in the present from a past event. Given how often we feel the pain, doesn’t it surprise you that the painful event happened ONLY ONCE years ago? Why should we continue to suffer for something that’s not even actually happening?! Let us release the pain.

In my practice, I can help you release your emotional pain through the healing power of love—through the healing power of presence—and move you from dependence to independence by teaching you how to care for yourself in the same way that I care for myself.

By virtue of my daily practice, I cultivate joy, not only healing myself, but also so I can share it with you, so you can heal yourself, also.

Best of all, in our sessions together, I will teach you all the tools you will need so, in the future, you can heal yourself (release your ball of string) without me!

Healing is very simple. The difficulty lies in the courage it takes us to believe in ourselves—to believe that we are capable of healing, of joy—of changing our actions, our habits, our beliefs for our betterment. Making these changes requires an act of initial faith—having faith in ourselves and the possibilities, even if we don’t!

Having walked this path, I speak from experience to say that it’s traversable for all of us.

Of course, you don’t need me as a teacher if you have the motivation and self-discipline to practice self-care on your own, but if you need a little inspiration, guidance, and initial faith to get you where you want to go, that’s what I see as my calling: Inspiring you to become your best self is what I love to do, and I consider it an honor and privilege to serve you! Allow me to help you make your dreams come true!

Best of all, when you come to know yourself as you are (apart from the ball of string), you will feel Amazing! (I know, because I’ve been there.)

You will feel a peace, a joy, you have never known, and the experience will Amaze you! It is an experience that, with sustained practice, will continue to grow. (I know because it happened to me!)

Your joy is just waiting to be discovered, because to discover your joy is to discover Yourself! 

Here’s to Healing!



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