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 Where Science & Spirit Meet

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  Dr. Wendy Treynor is here to help you heal yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, & socially, using the science of self-love.




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"Dr. Wendy Treynor is a delight!  
As you listen to her talk you will sense her sweet s
oul, great heart and brilliant mind.  The material she presents is powerful, important and unique.  
Dr. Wendy offers awesome insights into provocative material, blending science and spirituality--leaving you inspired and with much to think on"
-Dr. Jonathan Ellerby
Executive Director
Althea Center, Denver Colorado
Two-Time Best-Selling Hay House Author of 
"Return to the Sacred"
 Deficit Disorder"
Former Spiritual Program Director of the World-Class
Canyon Ranch Resorts

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I'm Dr. Wendy Treynor, teacher of self-love and happiness expert, as well as Founder and CEO (Chief Enlightenment Officer) of Healing Consulting. I am a social psychologist who can help you heal yourself, actualize your full potential.  My deepest wish is to help you find the freedom, peace, love, and happiness you seek: to help you live your life to the fullest. 

I can help you see the truth as it is, using my scientific understanding, thereby moving you from a state of despair and disillusionment to delight and illumination.

Miraculously, even science points to the truth of unconditional love and what the path to self-acceptance is.  With you, I  share this understanding, which I now offer in my book and used to heal my own life. Now in this sharing, you can heal your life, too! 




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As founder and director of Healing Consulting, I also offer seminars, workshops, videos, keynotes, and personal consultation. Using these media, I share with you the knowledge I have acquired from my life experience and research (my own and that of other social psychologists), so that you, too, may heal yourself and actualize your own potential.

Like a confluence of tributaries into a single river, the knowledge I have acquired and seek to share comes from two sources, but converges into one: 

· The first source is science (where knowledge is derived using the scientific method on humans).  

· The other source is spirit and comes from life experience (what I learned from my depression and cancer experience, which stripped me of everything material, and what I continue to learn from my daily practice of yoga, meditation, walking, and quiet contemplation).


I'd like to share some inspirational thoughts I've recently had with you:

*You are as successful now as you'll ever be; success is simply the ability to enjoy your life.

*Do what you need to to do to make yourself happy.

*Cultivate wonder.

*Fear is the only prison.

    *Love textures our  
     lives with meaning.

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Did you know that in March 2010, we found that watching  The Art of Happiness: The Story leads to increased love of life?  We ran a scientific study using questionnaires at The Wellness Community, South Bay Cities with funding from The Lloyd Symington Foundation.



-Meredith Grenier
The Daily Breeze

"...an inspirational experience filled with  so many lessons that anyone--living or dying--can relate to, no matter what stage of life you're in."

-Rebecca Villaneda Reporter
The Palos Verdes News


Allow me to work with you one-on-one or enlighten your group as your humorous and heartfelt keynote speaker or workshop leader.  As either researcher or inspirational speaker, I have presented internationally (in India, Israel, Australia, Qatar, South Africa,  Taiwan, and the UK), nationally (in Boston, Denver, and LA), at the Fortune 500 company Whole Foods Market to health-conscious shoppers, to marketing mavens at Belmont Village assisted living, to patients and nurses at  hospitals or spiritual retreat centers, to cancer survivors at wellness communities, to high school students  at The Taft School in Connecticut, to spiritual seekers at the Conscious Life Expo, to vacationers at the Oaks at Ojai spa, and more.  I have spoken to audiences large and small (over 500 people and less than 10). You can have me speak at your conference, meeting, or event by contacting your local speakers bureau or better yet, simply call me at 310-YES-LOVE or come and attend one of my events! I'd love to meet you!



"Our dream comes true as soon as we step towards it.

Taking baby steps towards the actualization of our dreams will create positive emotion in our lives and infuse our lives with meaning, regardless of whether the dream, exactly as we envisioned it, ever fully becomes actualized....

[W]e will realize that in our having worked towards our dream, our dream already has been  fulfilled.  Why?

....[T]he reason we had that dream in the first place is because the idea of it gave us joy, and in working towards it, we gave ourselves that joy. 

Therefore, our dream actually already did come true!  What we longed for and wanted most (happiness, fulfillment, meaning, itself) was ours!

In simply stepping towards our dream, we fulfill it."

May All Your Dreams Come True!


Wendy Treynor, Ph.D.   Healing Consulting   

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Serving the World!

Quote of the Moment:

"The Earth is an island in the sea of space."


“Wendy Treynor’s research has revealed powerful insights about human psychology, and now she shares the moving experiences from her personal journey.”      

-Adam Grant
NEW YORK TIMES  Bestselling Author of Give and Take

"...more than just a compelling read...a transformational tool for anyone who wants to live a happier and more fulfilling life."

-Peter Zuckerman
Internationally Bestselling Author of
Buried in the Sky


“…wise, deep, touching, and funny….an honest and uplifting book, one that will empower and enlighten you.”

-Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley; Author of Born to be Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life


“…I have never before read a book with such raw truth in it…”

-Derek Mills (the StandardsGuy®), Author of the Bestselling Book The 10-Second Philosophy®. Creator of the StandardsRevolution™

"...[a] remarkable story of resilience and courage..."

-Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D.
Author of
Positivity and Love 2.0

"Wendy is the Message that she brings. Her words inspire, enlighten and empower you to Soar to new heights of Consciousness"

-Les Brown
Bestselling Author of Live Your Dreams


Towards a General Theory of Social Psychology

Understanding Human Cruelty, Human Misery, and, Perhaps, a Remedy

(A Theory of the Socialization Process)

"...'Towards a General Theory of Social Psychology' is a highly intriguing and entertaining read, sure to give both psychology students and non-specialist general readers much to think about."

-Midwest Book Review

“...[Treynor offers] an important conclusion about the way in which acceptance and love are basic and fundamental issues in relation to socialization."

-Journal of Analytical Psychology


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If you believe the odds are stacked against you, they are.

If you believe you have a shot, you do.

If you believe your cup is half full or empty

So, it is true for you.


If you believe you’re free, you’re free.

If you believe you’re radiant, you shine.

If you believe in Love, you’re happy.

If you believe in yourself, you’re Divine.

If you perceive others' perfection,

If you release shackling lores,

If you perceive them faultless,    

 Then their perfection is yours.   


If you perceive meaning, your life is meaningful.

If you perceive beauty, your life is beautiful.

If you see with eyes of wonder, your life is wonderful.

If you see with forgiving eyes, your life is peaceful.

If you see with present moment awareness, your life is Eternal.

If you see with loving eyes, your life is Blissful. 

If you believe you’re free, you’re free. 

If you believe you’re radiant, you shine.

Your beliefs are the gateway to your happiness.

So, choose your beliefs wisely; and

Drink from the cup Everlasting
of Bliss and Love Divine.

Learn about Wendy's talks (such as"The Art of Happiness,"  "The Gift of Cancer,"  & "Don't Believe Everything You Think" ) or what people are saying about them ("What People are Saying").

Or, if you have questions, please call me at 310-YES-LOVE.

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Plants are organisms.  They have hearts, their seeds. They have lungs, their circulatory systems.  Love is what we give of ourselves so that others may grow, just as seeds are what plants give of themselves so that other plants may grow.  Love, like plants' seeds, is the part of ourselves that gives new life.  It is all that remains of us when we die, when our bodies decay, giving new life, so that others may grow.  Love is eternal life.




The Love you seek is within your own heart.

The joy you seek emanates from your own being.

The freedom you seek is yours to claim.



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