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 Where Science & Spirit Meet

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It is people like you who help make our dreams come true!

You are the wings that allow us to fly.

You are the gentle breeze that blows in our direction.

You are the sun that shines in the Earth's sky,

helping us share light, warmth, and protection.

 You enable us to ignite the blazing fire within us all,
to recapture that lost

 or shorn,
 or untidily worn,
but soon


You are a symphony to our senses,

sweet music to our ears.

You are that which uproots and releases the fences.

You are that which moves us to tears.

You are that which endears us to you--

  the lens that magnifies the tiny,
so that we may realize

 the beauty and glory
that we all are.

  An energy runs like a blazing current through us,
a mighty river--

a magnificence

that we all are,

and once were,

and shall become again.

Just look at a child to remember what is true.

We do.

No longer hungry hearts and thirsty souls, weary from worldly travel

but peaceful, loving warriors

complete within ourselves.

No longer searching

for what is false

 having come home
to what is true.

Thanks to you

we discover that

we are worthy of our own love, too.

(And so are you!)

 We learn that
we can be our own oasis,

our own best friend,

the love of our lives,

until no end.

So let us sing, and dance, and remember what is true

before night falls,

before the body crumbles

and death is nigh

with no recourse.

Before sunset,
let us know
in our hearts

We are the blazing river

the mighty wind

the roaring trees

the effortless, spring breeze

the dainty, summer daisies

the majestic mountains

the autumn glow of sunrise

the wild, rippling ocean

the shimmering winter snow.

We are

one with ourselves,

with nature,

with Love.

A mirror reflecting back upon itself,

We're coming Home.

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