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      Where Science & Spirit Meet

 Where Science & Spirit Meet

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Wendy's Healing Vision

My healing vision is to help

millions and millions of people

heal themselves.

Millions of people are suffering and they don't know why. 

What I share pinpoints the root of their suffering and how to end it.

People are searching for love outside themselves when the love they seek is to come from within.

Key Takeaway Concepts

from Wendy Treynor's Teachings


    • Spirituality is the process of coming to rediscover who you truly are.

    • The socialization process, and its conditional love, has led to our forgetting. 

    • To remember who you are, become your own everyday group or find an unconditionally loving everyday group.

    • We look for acceptance outside ourselves when we don’t have our own.

    • Seeking acceptance outside ourselves is unfreedom whereas cultivating it from within is freedom.

    • We cultivate acceptance from within—that is, we cultivate self-acceptance— either by navigating ourselves into an unconditionally loving everyday group or by becoming our own everyday group. Since unconditionally loving everyday groups may be hard to find, a sure-fire way is to become your own everyday group.

    • Become your own everyday group: Take silent time alone with yourself each day (e.g., walking, yoga, or meditation, each morning, and, ideally, throughout the day. Working with the body and breath  allows us to clear our minds and release negative emotion.  We thereby acquire clear mind (present moment awareness) and see things as they are rather than clouded by emotion. Taking these breaks actually saves us time, plus it feels good. We become more productive, gain clarity, and solve problems quickly and creatively.

    • In this time alone, as your own everyday group, you come to remember what is true – who you are and what you want. You remember your dreams and begin to take steps towards actualizing them, reintroducing a sense of purpose, meaning, and direction into your life.

    • In this time alone, with practice, the steady state of peace you feel in “these breaks” becomes your True Reality, and the cacophony of the world fades into the background and becomes the unreal.  With this shift, you have found your unshakeable foundation, your source, your wellspring of positive emotion and endless unconditional support.  This peace and love that you cultivate for yourself is something you can draw upon, anytime, anywhere. With this shift, you realize what is true— the magnificence that You are, that Everything is—you realize self-acceptance.

    • With self-acceptance, now you have what you’ve longed for all your life—to be accepted unconditionally.  Able to supply it to yourself anytime, anywhere, you are happy, and you are free.

    • Once we realize self-acceptance, whether others accept us matters not. To them, we can say: “Here I am. Take it or leave it,” and then, go on our merry way.   Genuine self-acceptance is true happiness and true freedom--the only true happiness and freedom.

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Happy Self-Healing!