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Inspirational Thoughts


Plants are organisms.  They have hearts, their seeds.  They have lungs, their circulatory systems.  Love is what we give of ourselves so that others may grow, just as seeds are what plants give of themselves so that other plants may grow.  Love, like plants' seeds, is the part of ourselves that gives new life.  It is all that remains of us when we die, when our bodies decay, giving new life, so that others may grow.  Love is eternal life.

Without love, I am a wounded soldier. With love, I am a shining star.

We all want to be loved.  We all want to be appreciated. It's that simple.

Give to yourself so that you may give to others.  Your gift is your smile, your radiance, your love, your gratitude, your joy.

Love textures our lives with meaning.

Love flows like a river through us.

Love is an energy.

Love is healing.

Love is a life force, like water, like breath.

When we love ourselves, we love what is sacred.

Beauty is when we behold that which we love.

I have love and that's enough.










To have is not to possess but to appreciate.


You are as successful now as you'll ever be; success is simply the ability to enjoy your life.


Fear is the only prison.


When you lose everything you realize that you have nothing to lose.


All judgment is misjudgment.


The wise man who thinks he is, is not.


Wealth is a state of mind: To want nothing is to have all.

If a plate is on the ground, it cannot fall.

The closer to the edge I am, the more stable I become.

What you believe is true is true, for you, in that moment. And what is life but a series of moments.

To destroy is to create. To create is to destroy.

Our battles with others are actually battles within ourselves.? One who is at peace does not provoke, for provocation would disturb one's peace.?

It's a disaster only if you think it is.

I am not afraid of dying; I am afraid of not living before I die.

Embrace uncertainty.

When we blame others, we imprison ourselves.


To want More is to Kill the gift of Now.

Follow the compass within rather than those external to you.

When you grow restless, journey into your mind.? When you grow complacent, travel.

There are the laws of man and then there are the laws of nature.? Heed the laws of nature.

Celebrate your Life.

We are born anew each day.

Stay open to the possibilties.

The mysteries will unravel themselves.

I am wed to Life.

I am a part of the symphony of Life.

When light meets dark there is light.

Weave the tapestry of your life with the threads you've been given.

Our value has nothing to do with our bank accounts.

Once you seek something, you?ve lost it. Once you grasp something, you?ve released it.? The way to have what you want is not to seek or grasp it but to realize that it is already yours.?

Let life?s joys and sorrows blow through you like the wind.

There is no evil, only emotion.

One way to appreciate it is to lose it (but in a way where you can find it again).

Use everything that happens to you in your life for your betterment, for your improvement. Use everything in your life to help you.? Find some reason why now you are better off.

Ask questions.? The answers will come.

Tell yourself: ?There is a way. I just don?t know what it is yet.?

Nothing will get in your way, if you don?t let it.

A seed is? a Tree unmanifested;
you are Yourself unmanifested.?

Manifest Yourself.

Fear finds the man who runs away, not the one who stops and listens.

When you realize what a fool you are, you are wise.

When you realize you are slumbering, you are awake.

















Every drop of water in the ocean has contributed to something great.

The earth is an island in the sea of space.

The ocean is like a lullaby; it rocks me to sleep.

The ocean is ancient, eternal.

The ocean is a wilderness.



Cultivate Wonder: Believe in the Mystery of Life.

There is so much to explore, to uncover, to discover.

Life is beautiful, mysterious, unexpected, unfolding.

This is a world of infinite possibility in terms of? unlimited human potential.

Behold what you see with creative vision.




Do what you need to do to make yourself happy. 

Do it with joy or don't do it at all.

Enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Enjoy the fruits of your life; the bounty.

Just be Joyful!

Joy Now!

Do it with Love; do it for Love.   

Joy attracts more joy! Be joyous. You are here only for a short while. Enjoy it while it lasts.

It’s a perfect day, and I am part of it!

If you have a positive attitude, you’re unstoppable.












Ask for what you need and you shall be freed.

Create your life.

Set yourself free.

Creativity promotes freedom.

Acceptance is freedom.

In letting go of being perfect, we are.

Become your own Sanctuary.

You are free.

Who am I to limit you? Who are you to limit me? Who is anyone to limit anyone?

The mind is the only limit. Fear is the only limit. Abandon all limiting beliefs.

Fear is just a cloud passing by the sun.

Release your fears.  Release all your fears and you will be free.


Your body is your temple. Worship it.

Once your body is gone, so are you.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you.


Today, I allow the universe to walk through me, to see for me, to decide for me, to guide me. I will do nothing.  It is effortless. I wait to see what is revealed, offered to me.

I bow to that within me, to that which lies before me, to the universe itself.

I bow to the universe. The universe blesses you on your journey.



Let go of what you think your purpose is.  Realize that you did not create who you are—that you were created—and that your purpose is not your own.  We didn’t choose our family, our bodies, our talents, our preferences, our ways of being. They were all given to us, without our having any say in the matter.  This is true not just for you, but for all of us.  It’s like we all arrived here for this game, this purpose, and none of us have any idea what it is. It’s like a treasure hunt without a treasure map. We’re all in the same boat, on this magic ship, leading to nowhere, unless we create our own meaning, and sail it with our imaginations to our desired destination.


The route of human suffering is love, but it is an ego love: “Do they love me?” rather than: “Do I love myself?”  Suffering can be eliminated if we can make the shift from: “Do they love me?” to “Do I love myself?”  When we are witnessing crimes or atrocities, we are witnessing crimes committed in the name of social acceptance.

The same is true of the misery of love: When people equate love with suffering it is because they are searching for love outside of themselves, when, in truth, it lies within.  We are the love of our lives.  It’s time we start loving ourselves in the way we seek others to love us.  No one is going to love us, in the way that we need to be loved, if we do not love ourselves in that way, first.

If we do not treat ourselves with the love and respect we crave, other people will see ourselves as unworthy of that love and respect.  Once we do, however, start to nurture ourselves in the way that we wish others would nurture us, we discover that other people freely nurture us.  They are drawn to us, and they freely love us, without our asking.  This is because when we nurture ourselves, we radiate joy—in our joy, our smile, our happiness, we give freely to others, without even realizing it.  Thus, people are drawn to us, to receive more, and in their being drawn to us, they give to us, creating a harmonious exchange.

People like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Socrates valued their own opinion more than those of the “established” authorities. They already had their own self-acceptance, so they needed not to seek it outside themselves.  This “detachment” from others' opinions enabled them to work for the benefit of all humankind at the cost of their own lives.




People who are “cutting corners” are only shortchanging themselves; they’re climbing a ladder that leads nowhere, trying to get to a place they can’t reach.  They cut corners to become successful, but they don’t realize that they don’t love success in and of itself, but only what they think success will bring them: happiness and peace.  Upon their arrival to what they thought was their destination, they realize that they still feel empty and that their efforts were fruitless.  No corners need to be cut to get to the place they want to get to.  No corners CAN be cut to get to the place they want to get to.  Happiness comes from within, in knowing that you’re loveable, worthy, that you matter (to something, to someone, somewhere; that you made a difference; that you loved and are loved).




You find love everywhere


You see things as they are


You feel no emotion


You feel calm, bliss


You feel no anger


You think clearly


Your unconscious and conscious become one


Your body becomes beautiful


You become actualized


You become fearless


You become wise


You are abundant


Make that 12!



Yoga is an exalted way of being.

Yoga helps
strip away fear so that you may realize your Self, your true nature, your inherent divinity, your oneness with all that is. You experience yourself stripped of fear; thus, you experience yourself as you are.  From your practice, you carry this knowing, this fearlessness, this experience, this abundance, this Light with you into the world, allowing you to manifest yourself into the abundance, the Light that you already are.


A seed is  a Tree unmanifested;
you are Yourself unmanifested. 

          (--until you remember, experience, 
           feel, and live by the truth of who you are).

Once we recognize ourselves as creator of our own experiences, the narrator of our own story, transcending emotion, wounds, negativity, bitterness, grudges, fear, ego (identity), surrendering to all that is, leaving only love, then are we whole.


The path to wholeness is walked not merely by remembering who you are, but also by experiencing who you are.  Experiencing who you are is what allows you to walk your path with conviction.  Experiencing who you are is not about memory, belief, or faith.  It is about knowing—and is infinitely more powerful in propelling you on your journey back to yourself.  Remembering who you are is done through the mind, whereas experiencing who you are is done through the body (and its selective environmental placement, termed everyday group selection in Socialization Theory).  Remembering who you are is powerful, but experiencing who you are is infinitely more so. Hence, the value of body practices in concert with mind on your journey back to home to Yourself. 





Everyone thinks they don’t have it—or enough of it—but they do.


To think you don’t have enough time is to lose it.

To think you DO have enough time is to have it.


Tell yourself: “I have enough time.”


What do we mean when we say: “I don’t have enough time”?

We’re saying, “I don’t have enough time to do what it is that makes me happy.” 

But we’re lying to ourselves when we make this statement.

We could drop whatever it is we’re doing now, but there is an emotional momentum, a gravity, that keeps us continuing on the steady path we’re already on—a path we have already carved for ourselves. 

When we say, “I don’t have time,” we’re failing to resist the tide, the current, the gravity, that’s pulling us out to sea. 

We need to have the discipline and the courage to resist this tide, this pull, and to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps: to pull ourselves out of the well, to free ourselves from this momentum, and to release ourselves from our own illusions.   



I  dreamt that I spoke with an old, wise man and told him that I was searching for freedom.  I assured him, “To find it, I will depart first thing tomorrow.”  He replied, “By then it will be too late.”  I said, “I will depart now.”  He replied, “Then, you will find it.”  





Two years before diagnosis I had a dream that I wrote about in my journal:

“…[The] message was: ‘As soon as your life falls apart, start rebuilding it immediately and make it even better.’ In my dream, a nice old man had built a house out of wood.  It fell apart three times in my dream, and each time, without complaining or sadness, he happily went back to rebuilding it to make it even better.  The third time he rebuilt it, he made it into a good food restaurant for women working as cleaning ladies and their husbands before these women would go off to work.  There, [they] ... could feel human again and eat good food.”

Each setback we face is a learning opportunity.  Let us use these opportunities for healing and growth. With each setback, let us rebuild our lives to be even better.




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