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      Where Science & Spirit Meet

 Where Science & Spirit Meet

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Fees can vary, depending on how you use Dr. Wendy and her services. Here are some variables to consider when planning your meeting and creating a budget for her:

  • the type of presentation – keynote, general session, or breakout workshop
  • multiple presentations – different or same-presentation repeated 1-6 times
  • gifting a copy of Dr. Wendy’s book to each person attending the meeting
  • length of presentation, i.e., full day (up to six hours)
  • location or venue where meeting is being held
  • expenses – actual, out-of-pocket, or inclusive with fee
  • licensing fee – for permission to audio or video tape Dr. Wendy’s presentation
  • customization -fee for going above and beyond a personalized program
  • terms – your choice between paying in full upfront or a 50/50 payment option

 Please call Dr. Wendy directly to discuss how she can meet the best of what you need and want for your people.

  • Call Dr. Wendy at: (310)YES-LOVE
  • Email Dr. Wendy below:

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