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 Where Science & Spirit Meet

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Wendy's Story

Funny thing… In healing from cancer, I healed, emotionally.  After cancer, I now see how I could have emotionally healed myself, but I didn’t learn these principles until after I had walked to the edge of my life and back again, seen my life for what it is, was, and all the mistakes I had made, and learned from them.

In heeding others’ calls over my own, my life unraveled, was stripped of its meaning—and so, slowly, in bitterness, anger, resentment, and fear, my body wasted away, creating suicidal feelings and calcifying into my cancer.  Without understanding what I was doing wrong, without any awareness that I was at the helm of this ship—blindly believing others were—I was killing myself without meaning to.  Whether by suicide or cancer, either way, I couldn’t live like this any longer.

My need was for acceptance, and in seeking it outside myself, instead of cultivating it from within—in seeking social acceptance instead of cultivating self-acceptance —I inhibited myself from following my heart’s calls.  My conviction: This knot untangled—making self-acceptance independent of social acceptance—is the key to true freedom.  

With self-acceptance, I now had what I had longed for all my life: to be loved unconditionally. I was happy, and I was free, able to supply it to myself anytime, anywhere.  The same is true of you: Once you realize genuine self-acceptance, whether others accept us matters not. To them, we can say: “Here I am. Take it or leave it,” and then, go on our merry way.   Self-acceptance is true happiness and true freedom--the only true happiness and freedom.


                                 ~ Wendy Treynor, Ph.D.